Content Marketing — How It Adds Fuel To Your Business?

how content marketing fuels your business?
  • How does Content Marketing Add Fuel to your Business?
  • What is Content Marketing? — The Basic Definition
  • Tools that Make Content Marketing Process Easy

How does Content Marketing Add Fuel to your Business?

content marketing

Your Audience Matters — Pay Heed to Their Requirements

Keep your Content Fresh & Updated for Right Branding

Right CM Strategy With Storytelling Means Positive Brand Impressions

Gives a Considerable Hike to your Website Traffic

Social Media Promotion Goes a Long Way

Lead Generation

Content marketing with Right SEO is a Perfect Combination

Guest Posting on Authority Websites

Long-form Content Minimizes your Bounce Rate Too

Content Marketing Helps Improve Your Brand Authority and Credibility

What is Content Marketing? — The Basic Definition

The way you create, publish, and then distribute your content within your target audience

Tools of Content Marketing? — A Quick Overview

  • BuzzSumo — Finding topics and list of influencers never got easier
  • Google Keep / Evernote / Notion — Perfect apps to help streamline your notes and capture images
  • Trello — Your one-stop platform that redefines how you collaborate with your team.
  • Air Story — Similar to Google Keep/Notion, it steps up your writing game and makes it easier for you to curate long-form content.
  • Yoast — The All-in-One plugin that optimizes your content w.r.t keywords, images, etc. adhering to Google SEO guidelines
  • Google Analytics — Easy to set up, the tool helps you track your marketing efforts digitally
  • Canva — Unlike Adobe Photoshop, it’s much easier. Its pre-designed templates allow you to develop and configure different creatives in your style.
  • MailChimp — Accessible on both smartphone and desktop interface, it redefines your mailing experience and conveniently tracks different kinds of metrics.
  • Ahrefs — Using Ahrefs, you can track a complete list of your competitors and simultaneously track your progress.
  • Hootsuite/Buffer — It helps you manage your social media posts and schedule them as per their peak engagement hours.
  • Grammarly — Nobody likes unwanted typos and writing content without context. So, use Grammarly to get rid of your unexpected typos and proofread your content.




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