9 Actionable Tips You Must Follow to Become a Professional Writer

  • How can I become a good writer and improve my skills of thinking?
  • What are the qualities of a good writer?
  • What skills does a good writer need?
  • How should I start writing?

Read and Write More

  • Identify your niche: Niche is any topic or category that interests you. It is something that you love to read about, talk about in your social circle and you are always up-to-date about it. Health and fitness, Technology, Digital Marketing, Lifestyle, and beauty, etc. are some of the most popular niches that people write on. So, explore your personality and pick your niche accordingly.
  • Perform thorough research: Once you have identified your core niche, you can start researching it. Subscribe to newsletters from authority websites i.e., which have a good online reputation, videos, etc. As we are living in a digitized world, there’s no lack of information available. So, make optimum usage of online and offline resources before you start writing.
  • Build a structure and then write: Once you have enough information w.r.t your piece, design a proper content creation strategy relevant to your topic. A defined structure not only makes your content more presentable in the eyes of your audience but is good from the SEO point as well. As is said:

De-clutter Your Mind

Begin your Piece With a Question

  • WHY: It can include — why is it critical for you to focus on ‘Email Marketing’
  • WHAT: In this segment, state the definition and other aspects of Email marketing.
  • HOW: This segment revolves around practical implementation. How can a beginner start with Email marketing, what’s the best strategy to implement, basic pointers one must keep in mind before applying its principles, etc.

Understand your Target Audience

  • Create different user personas so that you can visualize them while creating content.
  • Rely on the Google Analytics tool to obtain extensive data about your audience and how do they engage with your posts.
  • Conduct user/audience surveys regularly to learn what your audience is thinking.
  • Invest time in interacting with your followers on social media

Talk it Through

Be an Unbiased Critic of your Work

  • Once I have written my post, I go back and DELETE my opening and closing paragraphs.
  • Take a break to re-look at the content doc later with a fresh mindset and perspective.
  • The momentary break enhances my productivity and allows me to create a better copy of the opening and closing paragraphs

Your Location Matters — Choose it Wisely

  • Play some music to untangle your mind
  • Step out of your workplace and take a walk-in or around nature
  • Change the ambiance of your workstation by using scented candles or fancy lights
  • Use a stress-buster ball or start meditating to improve your concentration abilities

Experiment with Styles But Maintain Your Originality

Learn to Accept Criticism



Content Manager @ Neil Patel Digital | Blogger. Are you trying to create a strong digital presence for your business? Let’s TALK — https://bit.ly/3nio0i2

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Manu Mathur

Manu Mathur

Content Manager @ Neil Patel Digital | Blogger. Are you trying to create a strong digital presence for your business? Let’s TALK — https://bit.ly/3nio0i2